Lessons From the Kingston Fair

Fair Givens

When you show up four hours early, go home and come back.download-1.jpg

If you are not tall enough for the ride, or too tall for the ride, cry either way.

Eat rainbow-colored food: Slush Puppies, cotton candy, red candy apples.


Besides the Fair,

Where else would you…

Permit questionable operators to fasten your safety belt and lock the bar?

Allow impermanent apparatus fling you into perilous positions at incredible speed?

Dispense five and ten dollar bills to play rigged games to win prizes you already have by the dozens?

Other than the Fair,

Where else can you…

IMG_3421Find the contentment that comes from circling the hive repeatedly?

Mount a colorful painted horse that leaps and bounds in time to the calliope?

Ride into the dark, knowing all too well, demons wait?


If not at the Fair,

Where else do…


IMG_3419Cars accelerate and reverse in haphazard fashion; the sole purpose to ram one another?

Strangers bond in the shared terror of a Fireball?

People of all colors and classes unite to face the Alien Abduction?



Fair Tips…

Don’t miss the chance to ride with your loved ones happily in the same direction.

If possible, run back into the fun house again and again.

The fair is temporary, so don’t miss it, even on the hottest day of the summer.






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