Solving Life’s Jigsaw Puzzles

Choose a pleasing image.

Dump all the pieces onto a table.

Don’t let the similar shapes and jumble of color overwhelm.

Every tab has a perfect slot.

Eventually it will make sense.


Begin anywhere.

Take it one bit at a time.

Spread all the pieces printed-side up.

Form a team or go solo.

Refer to the big picture.


Get a strategy.

Assemble the border,

Or piece together a section.

Don’t force connections.

When the shapes are compatible the keys fit the locks.


Attend to details.

Be patient.


Give it time.

Everything you need lies within reach.


Don’t lament a missing piece.

Puzzles will envelope the space and preserve a silhouette,

The absent member remains integral to the whole.

Success increases as the picture forms.

Enjoy the satisfaction of a puzzle solved.


black and white blank challenge connect





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