“Some years are questions, and others are answers,” said Marion Lee, an eloquent writer and role-model of mine.  My 65th year turned out to be a year of answers.  Yet I had not explicitly asked any questions. Delving into the routines of my daily life through PowerAgers revealed more than I ever expected. Just for fun I’m going to take the final exam. No sweat…I have all the answers.

True and False

Even without the answers anyone has a 50/50 chance.

  1. I go on more inward journeys than actual ones. True
  2. Everything has deeper meaning. True
  3. Nothing goes awry in my life. False
  4. My hair has no bearing on my self-image. False
  5. The girlfriends root everything. True

Multiple Choice

Designed to confound the test-taker, but I ace it.

If you had to join a club/group, it would be

A. Poets & Writers, INK

B. Macsherry Library Book Club

C. Donna Hammond Painting Classes

D. Coyote Moon Wine Club

E. a and b

F. c and d

G. all of the above

H. none of the above


Let’s skip matching.  One mismatch and everything gets out of whack. (There’s a life lesson.)


My completion comes with a word bank at the top. No statements required.

My Word Bank

retire     relocate     the river     the boat     read     write     paint


Finally, the most relevant essay question ever: “What have you learned?”

  • I’m not as funny as I thought I’d be.
  • The Earth’s natural cycles affect me more than ever.
  • My family’s needs and moods affect me more than the Earth’s cycles.
  • Things keep going wrong, but some things can be righted.
  • I have a reliable and loyal life-partner.
  • Like-minders provide restorative therapy.
  • The granddaughters keep my priorities straight.
  • I’m on a quest and everything is a signpost.
  • A small group of followers apparently travels on my wavelength.
  • Answers reveal themselves without articulated questions.

Thanks to all who followed me on PowerAgers through my 65th year.  I intend to continue posting about once every month. Sixty-six will be a year of questions starting with “What’s next?”


One thought on “100%

  1. 🙋🏻‍♀️I look forward to your next decade of wise insights…….I created my own test and enjoyed my Yippee Skippy
    moments immensely! Incidentally, when I took your multiple choice test, I selected B and D………🍷📚…..


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