Grateful Ranking 2020

My third annual Thanksgiving post comes late. The way time has contorted itself this year maybe any time works. In 2018 I identified ten insignificant things that made a significant difference to my comfortable life. My husband inspired that list with his comment, “It doesn’t take much to make me happy.”

I revisited that list a year later and found many items to be irrelevant. A new list of ten evolved from 2019. This year’s events have rendered both previous lists inconsequential. Note the ironies from last year’s ranking.

My reliable Subaru Outback (10), with 188,000 miles of travel, now sits in Reed’s driveway for weeks on end while I quarantine 14 days of every month. Like me, the tires deflate from lack of use.

My visits to the local Macsherry Library (7) and the Price Chopper Market (8) have ceased now that I reside in Canada. No worries, I still read on my Kindle and enjoy food from Canadian markets.

Last year I treasured the open border between the U. S. and Canada (4), our access to family. That border has now been closed for nine months with no sign of opening. Canada’s compassionate exemption has permitted us to enter.

2020 Trivial Five

In 2020 life compressed. In my small daily circle five essential pandemic items came to mind keeping with the theme it doesn’t take much to make me happy. On any designated day, the rankings shift.

toilet paper

disinfectant wipes




2020 Vital Five

Even though I don’t venture far, my basic wants are met. Unfortunately, multitudes find themselves in dire need. The contrast between my circumstances and theirs prompted me to recognize five basic requirements of a comfortable life. I find it impossible to prioritize these.

clean air

safe water

food security

economic stability


 I greet every day having access to the trivial and the vital benefits for which I am grateful.


5 thoughts on “Grateful Ranking 2020

  1. Your post was a great summation. Keep your chin up and allow yourself to think about how great our next trip will be! Maybe we could even do something to leave our footprint like plant a tree(you know me and trees)! That way we could visit to reflect and encourage growth in our lives and friendships.


  2. I’m all in with the fantastic idea about the literal and symbolic tree-planting. That idea will keep me going through winter. Let’s make this a tangible plan. Thanks for reading the posts!!! Love you.


  3. 🎈🤗😷Hi,
    Like you, my Vital and Trivial Rankings vary day to day. Today, because of the new PA Restrictions, my Vital Ranking consisted of checking and restocking the basics of food and beverage and sanitation supplies, and pursuing all sites ref the Vaccine, while my Trivial Ranking consisted of ordering books from B&N, buying cookies and the Christmas Tree Mug from Eat&Park, and playing with my dog. And in the greater scheme of our New Normal, we are not inconvenienced, not vulnerable with health risks, enjoy flexibility with choices, able to spend wisely, and are surrounded by loved ones. 🕯


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