The Nature of Dirt

Winter’s dirt is getting ahead of me. Birdseed and sunflower-seed shells migrate into the house from the deck on the soles of our shoes, scattering across the carpet like confetti after a celebration. Fine ash drifts out of the wood burner settling on all horizontal surfaces. Sand from the road drops out of boots and paws. Pieces of gravel resist the suction of the vacuum and after a few spins in the roller ricochet free. Golden dog fur weaves into carpets or mingles with dust to form roving tumble weeds. I call myself the Queen of Clean. Dirt is an easy fix. 

Doubt is a lot like dirt. It settles under the skin like grit settles under the carpet edges, grinding away, undermining conviction. Doubt clouds the vision. It distorts the view like the nose prints on our sliding glass door. Goals that once appeared crystal clear dull under a dusty haze. Doubt can take an aspiration and soil it so that one is tempted to discard the idea altogether. Whatever a person hopes to achieve can be ruined by doubt’s dirty habits.  

My surefire solution for dirt includes hot water, Murphy’s Oil Soap, and a can of Liquid Gold. If absence of dirt defines clean, then absence of doubt defines confidence. I’m not the queen of confidence. I don’t have a solution for doubt in my cupboard. It spreads like mildew through my writing goals. My granddaughter concocted a confidence-spell, a little vial of blended herbs and select crystals sealed with yellow wax. I place it nearby when I write. As a last resort I rely on positive affirmations from the Truvia sweetener packets. If only I could see the Wizard. 

Success builds confidence. There’s the dilemma. How does one succeed with doubt spawning avoidance and fear of failure? I’m going to try spot cleaning. Select one small area and saturate it, like a coffee stain on the sofa. In bits and pieces, I will eliminate doubt and grime from corners. Maybe then confidence will shine.  

I have no doubt about one thing. The house will soon be spic-and-span, because I understand the nature of dirt. 

If you had no doubt about success, what would you attempt? 

10 thoughts on “The Nature of Dirt

  1. One thing you should never doubt is your ability to weave a story. I really enjoyed the piece. And does your granddaughter have any more potions?


  2. I love your analogies! And this is an especially engaging one. What a challenge!! I will say that I would have and still would attempt many things with the assurance of success. Success when doubt is overcome, however, is especially sweet. Willingness to take your targeted approach is great advice.


  3. Loved it..What a great analogy. Glad you are writing Power Agers again. Always so much fun to read..sprinkled with uplifting stories, humor and an interesting approach to life’s daily happenings.


  4. Wow this got me thinking ~ Loved the analogies ~ I start my day with a positive quote and often resort to it during the day. I feel it is a great confidence builder for me. Today is “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it”. As you, I am not the queen of confidence and doubt creeps up everyday but it is a work in progress. Glad for sharing your insight.


  5. 🙋🏻‍♀️Thanks again for your latest topic! I pondered several definitions of “dirt,” including spiritual, day to day reality, biblical, and psychological ones. Oh boy oh boy, life is complex! Gotta find my Mrs. Myers Products and Heinz Vinegar Jug to begin my “HouseWork” in earnest!


    1. Thanks for expanding the ways to ponder dirt! I haven’t conquered the interior and the exterior is just as messy. Been considering the gods and goddesses solution.


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